Terms & Conditions


We offer discrete shipment to all countries in the world through professional shipping and courier partners who understand the nature of our business, and our swift delivery commitment in meeting the urgent needs of our customers. Chemicals are shipped with products manuals and description for clients self application and cleansing .

Because our business modalities are unique - After a proper negotiation with our customer we are able to immediately dispatch one of our friendly expert technocrats to any country of his chosen to handle his currency cleaning needs. (Ts & Cs apply)


Unless otherwise agreed the cost of the goods shall be that ruling at the time of despatch. Unless expressly stipulated all quotations and invoices shall be net of tax and the Company shall add "Value Added Tax" (VAT) to all invoices, except where authorized otherwise by HM Revenue & Customs.

Shipment & Delivery

After all details received from the client regarding his notes, we will ship the appropriate quality of chemical to be used for the cleaning. We chemical vessel to the client along with user manual information and cleaning video for our clients to follow the cleaning process. Chemical shipped to client is expected to be 100% authentic and should work for the cleaning as described on the user manual. Chemical is also sent with a certificate which guarantees proper working of chemical and any Mal-function of the compound will be liable to a total refund of chemical money and payment of damage.


The Company reserve the right to add to the price a reasonable charge for the containers and packaging. Such goods are non-returnable unless so indicated.

Order Cancellation & Refund

For one or multiple reasons, clients are 24 hours to cancel their orders within 24 hrs after purchase and are liable to total refund within 1-3 working days depending on the method of payment to refund.

Pment Terms

For the purchase of chemicals, we accept payment by Western Union, Moneygram, PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc. based on the quantity of compound to be purchased. Chemical is packaged and shipped within 24hrs after payment is confirmed.

Payment Guarantee

Delivery is by a security transport company which is 100% reliable. Delivery will depend of destination. Within Europe we offer same day delivery. Within America, Asia. Middle East is 2-3 days.

The Company shall incur no responsibility for the direct, indirect, or consequential loss, injury or damage to persons or property from any cause whatsoever as a result of handling of goods not following codes of practice or the Government regulations. Any liability incurred by the Company for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, injury or damage to persons or property resulting from any negligence, delay, defect or failure in the goods from any cause whatsoever shall be limited to a sum equal to the charges for the products or that part affected. In no circumstances shall liability attach to the Company in respect of delay, defect in the goods or any default resulting from the specification by the Customer of unsuitable material

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