About UsEstablished in 2001 in Isle of Man, United Kingdom by Ralph Harland as a member of Abion Chemical Partners Limited.

TomBrands Automatic Boaster chemical company has been in the global chemical industry products manufacturing for over 17 years. Our mission is the same today as it was at the beginning: Create advanced chemical products and create international brand.

We insist on listening to our customers’ opinions to produce the best quality chemical products, so that share splendid future with more and more friends around the world.

As one of professional chemical industry products manufacturers, our core business consists of the manufacturing and distribution of SSD Automatic Solution, Vectrol Paste, TTZ Universal Solution, Zuta S4, Castrox Oxide HQ45, SSD Solution PK 58, SSD Solution, SSD Chemical Solution, SSD Super Solution, SSD Universal Solution, SSD Super Automatic Solution, SSD Ultimate 2018 Solution, Activation Powder, Mercury Powder, intermediate chemicals, surfactants germicidal and fabric softening quaternaries, phthalic anhydride, polyurethane polyols, cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, automotive, general maintenance, janitorial and agricultural industries across the globe.

As an ISO 9001:2000 approved and authorised chemical company, we manufacture high quality specialty chemicals. Our customers know that they are getting a product that will give them dependable and consistent performance every time. With a rich tradition of unwavering quality and reliability, we bring together a unique blend of modern, value-added research and deep knowledge of the chemical industry.

As a global chemical manufacturing company, TomBrands Automatic Boaster chemical company, has established an effective global distribution network, utilizing qualified distributors and serving all targeted markets around the world. The company is fully dedicated to serving our small customers, and the distribution strategy is structured by geographic region.

We combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection. Through science and innovation, we support our customers in nearly every industry in meeting the current and future needs of society.

Our Commitment

* We are committed to doing world class research that develops innovative products
* A focused effort in defined areas and a lasting interest in new technology are key features of our efforts

Our Mission and Vision

* Our mission is to put customers at the heart of everything we do, and this is achieved through customer focus and process excellence
* Our strength lies in what we value: customers, Innovation, Communities, Personnel, Suppliers and Governments.

Leadership Team

Dimitris Koftis

Founder & CEO

Thanos Budnik

Scientific Affairs

Florian Denis

General Manager

Anna Griffiths

Chief Financial Officer